With the release of our first full length album we pre-released  3 videos. Let us know what you think. 


Expected Release Date April 17th 2020 (Links Actived Then)

The 6 song long awaited debut demo is titled DemoLicious because it gives a small taste of the many songs we have in the works and it's a good place to start.

The EP was written and is collected as a story. Grey Diamond- is a song about discovery, hope and anticipation. Themes are clearly borrowed from  80s- 90s cartoon Inspector Gadget. Anxiety- is a song about itself. worry, uncertainty, doubt nervous anticipation, guilt. Sick Love- Is a song about a home being broken, hope for healing and ultimately the scars that are created. Rumors-  Inspired by the Motown classic "I heard it through the grape vine", is about people making bold claims against someone else because of gossip. Kiddie Coaster- The song title is meant to be ironic. In life what we expect is not always what we get. We have to roll with it no matter what happens. Tomorrow- This song is all about why we write songs, perform, record and the like. It is about why MHM is here. The first time we played this song we were so overcome with emotion that we had to stop practice and just feel the connection we had to this musical mission

Undemise- A single a head of our first full length album, an experimental delve into metal discussing a personal awakening from the external guides that mislead us towards tuning into ourselves for the direction we seek.