Billy Boy the Jamaican Cowboy-  When I told him about our website he immediately wanted to make some of his music free to support the cause. Wanting to see him grow as an artist we first sent people to him to get in-order to free up his time we are making these inspirational songs available here. 

I get caught up

Change this world

Noir Dream - The support band for Mad Hatter Music. The founders of MHM who want to share their music with the world to make the world a better place. We know we can't do it alone so we promote other artists and resources all hoping to do the same thing. Here are some free downloads of our music for you to enjoy.

Grey Diamond


Bonus Tracks

New Management-

Just a Phase

Just a Phase- When you first start feeling the call to your purpose, others close to you might see it as a phase you are going through. The end results are not as important as the journey that brings you there. When you find your purpose there are moments of self doubt and self defeating shame that overide your heart. Learning to listen to your heart, uncover why you are here and start dreaming again and believe that you can. You have a reason for being a reason only you can know. I guess it wasn't just a phase.  

New Management- Andrew Swindell, Producer, Artist, multi- instrumentalist. Andrew has worked on a number of different Tracks for the Album 22 project. 

Bonus Track - The path of Least Resistance by Kurt Corsair -

Path of Least Resistance deals with something that I think everyone has dealt with in some manner or another. It’s a song about addiction. Its about hitting the bottom. Its about lying to yourself which never meets with a good end.

As a song writer I seek the common thread and touch on feelings we can all relate too. It is really a compilation of different people. I lost family members to addiction. I have seen families and lives destroyed and I know from a personal level what rock bottom looks and feels like

Path of Least Resistance

BONUS TRACK- Celia Adriana sung by 

Alisa Katroshi  - 

Singing ‘Ecco: respiro appena...’ from Adriana Lecouvreur

Singing the famous and beautifully moving aria ‘Ecco: respiro appena...’ (Look here; I’m scarcely breathing…) from Act 1 of Adriana Lecouvreur is like compressing, squeezing and summarizing the essence of human existence into three minutes.

Singing Adriana, following her emotional journey of pure love, faithfulness, humility, arts and morality in an opera otherwise hallmarked by rivalry, ambition, power, intrigue, betrayal, deception, revenge and the tragedy of death comes with great responsibility: the responsibility of sharing my positive interpretation of love being always stronger than death..

Celia Adriana

Album 22

Pre- launch

Album 22

Shimmer Johnson


Shimmer Johnson was born and raised in Canada and is well-known for her haunting melody lines, honest lyrics, and touching songs, connecting with her audience in a way that leaves them with her songs on 'repeat' !

Summer Watson

This Life



“Go for your dreams and never give up”

A big voice with an even bigger heart, A chart-topping international vocalist on a mission. Most of her acclaimed live performances have been in support of charities and causes she supports.

Her album, "Summer", recorded at Abbey Road Studios, soared to number one on the US iTunes classical charts.

Having beaten breast cancer and survived a deadly train crash she knows well the setbacks that challenge us in life. Summer, understands the healing power of music.

IG, FB & Youtube:


In the Winter

Greenness is the musical project of French singer-songwriter Cess Frangi and English

producer and composer Graham Pratt.

Drawing inspiration from hybrid genres, such as trip-hop and folktronica, the music of

Greenness aims to create an immersive and emotional experience through the use of

various acoustic instruments merged with electronic beats, sound effects, field recordings

and evocative bilingual lyrics, in a bid to explore and deepen our connection with

ourselves, each other and the environment.

Based in Brighton, the pair has performed in some of the cities biggest venues (Brighton

Centre, Concorde 2, The Haunt...), opened at a sold-out event in London's iconic Royal

Albert Hall and toured across the UK, France, Spain and Germany, equally at ease with a

full backing band on festival stages or in smaller settings with their more intimate,

stripped-back duo set. Notable performances include supporting US folk artists Marissa

Nadler and Handmade Moments, opening for UK top 10 rock band The Slow Readers Club

and sharing a stage with the likes of Alice Russell, Orbital, Dub Pistols and Asian Dub


Following the successful launch of two thematic EPs (Bicephaly in 2016 and Cyclicity in

2018), Greenness are now working on their debut album Sunrooms, set to be released

independently in 2021.

"Electro-acoustic duo Greenness from Brighton are a revelation, with Cess’ awesome voice

superbly complemented by Graham’s distinctive guitar work."; - The Morning Star

Song Brief: In The Winter  "I wrote this song in December 2012 after a childhood friend took her own life. She was

buried on Boxing Day, but despite the cold winter weather, the cemetary was full of

flowers in bloom, which gave everyone a sense of comfort and optimism. This is what I

tried to convey in the lyrics of In The Winter. The song’s message is that even after the

most tragic and difficult times, spring always comes eventually. Singing these words has

really helped me through my healing journey and I hope this song can bring some relief to

other people experiencing loss and mental illness." - Cess

Lisa Warren

Just a Girl

I understand that there is a lot of division in the world right now. It couldn't be more obvious, especially on social media. Why are we fighting each other?? Why are we focusing on all of our differences? Why do we constantly have to have our opinions validated by others?

I'm so tired of the labeling, the finger pointing, the "you don't think like I do so I don't want to acknowledge you". This is the mentality that is killing any chance that we have as a society to change anything!

I challenge all of you to be socially responsible. Instead of putting all of your energy into getting people to agree with you or see your side on anything, let's focus on ways to come together.

Relationships never flourish if we are not allowed to be true to ourselves without fear. I will try to find connections instead of rejections. I will support my relationships without feeling like I have to support their beliefs. I will always at the forefront look at someone's heart over their head.

Know that I am working on this every day. I can only change me.

What are you willing to do??

Just a Girl by Lisa Warren,  featuring Blair Dollery

Suzanne Gladstone

Everything Will  Be Fine

"Everything Will Be Fine" - I wrote this song because I was in the moment and just sang what I felt. I've always liked to inspire people and I like to try to think positively because life is hard and it's always nice to hear a positive message that can brighten up your day. I love reggae music for that reason as well, it usually tends to spread the message of love and kindness. I tend to mix genres when I write because I love so many different kinds of music. I love to write inspiring songs because whenever I have been down, music was the only thing that ever healed me.

Suzanne Gladstone is an American Singer-Songwriter from Orange, CA. Genres include Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop, Indie-Rap, Indie-Country, Indie-Folk, Indie-Dance. She writes and performs a multitude of genres which helps to carve out her own unique sound within each song. Her voice and style is a mixture of many wonderful artists, such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, Amy Lee, Gwen Stefani, Stevie Nicks, Patsy Cline and many more. 

Luna Keller


“Prophecy”, because is a song that came to me when I didn't know I needed it and it ended up helping me and meaning a lot to me. I think it fits the concept

really well since it's about taking a big step to fullfill you true purpose despite the

knowledge that it'll take you far out of your comfort zone and require to let go of things

that have been a really important part of your life. But before I dive into that, let me give

some backround on my story.

I grew up between two cultures, my whole family lives in Germany but my parents

moved to Tenerife (Spain) when I was just 6 months old. When I was 7 I started

spending my summers with my German family. I love both countries but the life I've built

is primarily here in Tenerife. I am really lucky to have my amazing parents that are not

only incredibly wise and loving people but also happen to have a lot of experience and

knowledge that aligns exactly with my needs to fullfil my dream – becoming a fulltime

singer-songwriter. My mum took me to sing in the choir since I was little and my dad

recorded all my songs with me in our homestudio. I started releasing music while I was

still in school, and when I finished I decided to take a year off to build up my career as an

indie artist instead of jumping into university. And here we are now, two years have

passed, I have build up something I'm really proud of and I've decided to move to

Germany, because my opportunities as an artist are much better there. It's exciting but

also a bit sad since I'll be leaving a lot behind.

And here's where “Prophecy” came into my life. I wrote it more than two years ago

before having made the desicion to move conciously. It spoke to me in a way I couldn’t

grasp. It felt like a prediction of a future I didn’t know and that's how it got it's title. It

became one of my favorite songs to play as an encore at my concerts, a bittersweet look


Now I’m about to cross the ocean, leave home and move into a big city to follow my

dreams. And suddenly the song comes true line by line. I feel like that cocoon from the

first line with so much potential. I know it will hurt to leave the people I love and my life

behind, even if we stay in touch. But I know I need to go, I have no doubts that my future

lies outside of my little world, my horizon. It’s leap of faith I have to take, knowing that it

won’t be easy but trusting that the last line comes true and „You will see me flying“.

Tōn-E (feat Laura J. E. Hamilton and Denise Exler)

You Are Loved

Laura J.E. Hamilton is an empowerment coach., Denise Exler shares light language and uplifting messages that build and support the listener. While Laura uses her beautiful voice to send a clear message that you are loved !

“ In a world where division is culturally promoted, this song was a conscious collaboration designed to uplift, inspire and activate the hearts of those who listen and give us all permission to be our authentically unique and fabulous selves, even if it's not common like this song. [Laura] My hope is that my intuitively inspired contribution supports Denise’s transmission and offers a settling effect for the nervous system, to feel the love offered in this song and to feel safe enough to use it how best serves in your unfoldment as the one you’ve been waiting for.

[Ton-E] This song was a validation of the flow of energy and abundance of creativity in my life. The gratitude I have for Laura and Denise is beyond my words. My intention and hope is this song allows others to feel the same gratitude I have while it was created. “Let your light shine” and know “you are loved” is what I wish for all who listen.

[Denise] I was guided to speak the accompanying words that are channeled so that all may understand. This message from Spirit is to awaken to who we are as loving and enlightened sovereign beings of light. We are Love. We are Supported. It is time to activate our DNA and to open and expand our heart resonance to the world around us and within us. You may put your hand over your heart to intensify the activation when prompted for Light Language is a transmission of higher frequency tones and sounds, full of love and healing from the Higher Realms. As we are all connected as One, we may share this experience of awakened love with the mass consciousness of the planet. The God of our understanding wishes us to know that all is well and that the Light has won. You may listen over and over to the song to evolve with your heart awakening. Blessings.”



Tōn-E has beginnings deeply rooted in music. As a child, he was exposed to many genres of music from pop hits, Rock & Roll, Motown, jazz, and R&B from his parents and family. His love for Hip Hop started the moment he heard “Sucker MC’s” by Run-DMC. The raw energy he felt from that song captivated him and started a deep desire to hear more of this type of music. Tōn-E would go on to become a DJ for the local scene after graduating from high school.

As Tōn-E experienced the effect of music’s energy on others while DJing, he started to collect equipment to make music. What started out as a self-taught hobby grew into a passion and ear for sound. The many musical influences of his past bleed through his music. This eclectic mix is what defines Tōn-E’s style...there is no DEFINED sound or genre. He makes music based on feeling and emotion, and this translates into music full of energy.

Tōn-E now is convinced that music is a pure connection to all of humanity. This art form has transcendent reach across generations, and his mission is to connect present and future generations through his music.

The mission of Tōn-E is to create inspirational music that evokes emotion, and connects people. The energy of his music will connect people and create memories for all time. Tōn-E’s intention to accomplish this mission is to express through his music and educate others that are inspired to join in the beautiful artform."

Echo wants her voice Back

Blue Lament

Echo Wants Her Voice Back or simply Echo, is a Cypriot born artist from London, often described as Folk Noir with Blues Rock influences. Echo’s distinctive voice, notable stage presence and compelling lyrics have been praised by music publications, with Songwriting Magazine comparing her to the likes of Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Bjork.

She self-released a debut EP in 2015, and went on to perform at the 2016 South by Southwest Festival. Fast forward to today, she has released a series of singles and music videos on her YouTube channel, alongside a constant stream of updates on her social media.

Blue Lament is Echo’s eighth self released single about loss. The ballad’s lyrics and melodic, melancholy trajectory, form an attempt to describe grief’s inherently subjective complexities: its painful, all-encompassing experience, ambivalence and longevity. The song is ultimately about finding relief or freedom from grief.

For more information on Echo Wants Her Voice Back: 

Alex Boyé

Still Breathing

Alex Boyé is truly a multicultural, multigenerational, global artist! With over 1 billion views on his YouTube channel, Boyé's diverse blend of African-infused pop music and vibrant dynamic visuals have captured a loyal legion of online followers turning him  into a sensation !


Celia Stavri

A Better Me

Celia Stavri Music

Singer | Songwriter

As I sat and pondered about

all the decisions I had made and how they had brought me to where I am today. It’s

never easy to see your own mistakes and even harder to say them aloud. So for the

first time I wrote a song for myself! To say, aloud, for all to hear, how I feel and how I

want to be a better me. To live more and appreciate every second. To allow myself

to change and strive for more. To not let the opinions of other to control what I do or

how to do it. To believe in myself and be A Better Me

Celia Stavri is a well known, multi award winning singer / songwriter; born in the UK

and now living in Paphos, Cyprus. Winning awards as Best Singer & Best

Professional Live Wedding Vocalist in 2020 & 2021!

‘As seen on TV’, Celia was the runner up out of thousands of singers applying for a

Greek singing contest, which was televised in Greece called ‘Rising Star’.

After a promise she made to her brother before he passed, she vowed that she

would never give up on her passion for singing; and a few years later became a

professional singer.

Apart from being a solo singer she is also part of New Rules Duo and the lead singer

of the band, The Cover Up..

Lace and Grit

Quiet Warrior

Lace & Grit

Grit it out, then lace it up” Lace & Grit (Ginine Emily) is a U.S. based singer, songwriter, producer, podcast host and key note speaker. Lace&Grit was born out of a passion and desire to encourage women from all walks of life to love their true authentic self. 

Ouiet Warrior - The creative combination of Lace &Grit (Ginine Emily) & Aimmee Francis ( Melbourne, Australia) met via zoom to collaborate on a song. We found out we are so much alike and have some many things in common. Countries apart, yet soul sisters. We are sometimes introverted, songwriters, singers who JUST DO. We started talking about all the amazing people around the world who give themselves in servitude, yet quietly and without any needed recognition. The front line workers, those in ministry or service work, on a daily basis giving to this world, especially during this pandemic.

The words just flowed out of me and this song has become our anthem. 

What makes Lace&Grit different is the undeniable heart, soul and passion behind every song. Having trained with vocal giants Eve Robinson, Maestro David Kyle and Tim Carson, she has been recognized by numerous music professionals as possessing unique and extraordinary vocal prowess. Her current project, “Quiet Warriors”, is a series of song collaborations with other women artists from around the world, all designed to bring hope and encouragement to a hurting world. It is set to be released the end of 2021. In addition, Ginine Emily also fronts the band Chasing Oz, who released their sophomore album, ‘Believe in Beautiful’ in May of 2020,


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Mia Muze


Boom is a story of sublime empowerment. It identifies the ebbs and flows of the natural world and links it directly to our real lives, with ups and downs; light and dark, depression and obsession. The mental state of the inner psyche. Beauty vs Terror. The calm, and the storm.

“Even though I’m feeling better, I will wait for the Typhoon”

When the natural state of things dictates that being overwhelmed by one thing can lead one to find beauty and ease in the disorder, and that you may as well wait for the next storm – as it is surely coming. Upon acknowledging the truth in the organic and uncontrollable world that surrounds us, there lays power in calling upon what is frightening and embracing it.

“Lay it on me, Boom!”

Boom is the Artist’s journey of her soul in nature, revealing stories of the organic nature of things.

How it relates ?

We can all feel anxious, frightened and overcome by things out of our control. The trick is to find the beauty and dwell long enough on that insight, which will ultimately help one prepare for the next battle.

There is resistance and persistence in nature. A lesson that can be gained by the human spirit. In the music, there is harmony and dissonance – and yet inexplicable bliss in such dissonance with addition of reflection.

The song ‘Boom’ is a unique musical journey of the soul, and speaks to those who feel they haven’t a voice or choices. It invites them to reclaim the power within, by acknowledging the power without.

Jules Mugisha


"Jasiri" is word coming from Swahili, an Easter African language, meaning "Brave".

I was born in a country with different instabilities from wars to Volcano eruption. I have witnessed how the power of love can inspire people to help others but also how hatred can break people and lead to darkness.

I have lost so many and I always felt like I wanted to give up on life because what could the meaning of life when your loved ones are no longer there and those who you trusted do not wish you well.

But the outside war is nothing compared to the war within, you can win battles but life will still be meaningless because you have lost your inner self and this is the time where bravery comes in.

Finding the strength to stand for what you believe in, ready to defeat all odds because after all, you got nothing to lose. Rise above all the hate around you and remind love and hope to people who have lost everything.

Indie Rose

Not Tonight

Angela Schimunek- This song represents survival and pushing past all the negative thoughts that can bring us to the brink. It's about standing up for yourself and taking control of your life. Sometimes we are faced with a thought, a person or an entity that is literally trying to destroy us. I went through this at a young age and it wasn't until I was 27 years old that I finally stopped allowing abusive situations and people to rule my life. I faced my demons head on one night and won. Depression can manifest itself in many forms and for me  I was seeing the grim reaper standing over me, so there is some literal context in the song as well. I have come a long way since then and I thank music for being my healer

I was born and raised in a small town on Vancouver Island called Gold River. My mother is a musician who plays 7 instruments and an incredible artist and my father was a very hardworking logger who instilled in me my determination and ethics. My mother told me I had a guitar in my hand by the time I was 3. I thank her for taking the time to teach me music at a young age. I have been a performing artist in Victoria for the last 13 years. I have been the front woman for three different bands and have loved every minute of it. In the last year due to the pandemic I have been at home and really diving into writing alot more. I am hoping to take my music from performing to recording this year!

Glenda Benavieds


Award winning songwriter, Glenda Benevides, with a five octave vocal range, weaves stories that touch the soul and inspire the mind. Glenda’s dynamic and moving performances are like watching the soul singing love child of Heart, Janis Joplin, and Betsy Smith come alive. A powerfully resonate voice, emanating with blues and soul, demanding attention, calling to action and uplifting the very fabric of love shared amongst us all…. Like a wild tent revival preacher, Glenda’s sermon is empowerment, enlightenment and building bridges of understanding, all wrapped in powerful self-expression that moves you from the head to the feet!

Suzi Kory

Secret Garden

In 2016, the lead singer of one of Canada’s most legendary bands ‘The Tragically Hip’ was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. In a very unexpected move, he decided that the band would do a Cross-Canada farewell tour… His way of saying goodbye and thanking the fans that had been so devoted throughout the years.

 I would end up meeting the band and become good friends with the drummer. We stayed in contact when they arrived to Toronto we met up in person again. That evening we would have a very in-depth conversation about some of the emotional challenges he was facing, knowing that the group which had defined him since his teenage years was coming to an end. He was going to have to start from beginning and redefine who he was as an individual.

At the same time, I was going through my own life changes. I had moved back to North America after having spent 13 years abroad in the Middle East. I had also separated a few moths earlier from my husband of 16 years and was beginning to contemplate following my dreams of becoming a musical artist.

The song came about a month after our conversation as I was just starting to try my hand at songwriting. I wanted to express the importance of self-love and how that must be the basis of everything in a person’s life. Loving yourself results in honoring your true self, which in turn leads you to your life purpose….and only in finding our own purpose can we help shine the light on others to do the same.

Tasha Hillman

Look at the Stars

 look at the stars -. I wrote this song about finding hope in times of chaos. I feel as an artist and human being we struggle with finding hope in times of chaos. So this song was very much my personal take on it. We never know how long we have with anyone so we have to make the best of every experience. After recently losing someone very close to me my world has shifted overnight. Due to that I have really tried to look and value the entirety of a single moment and make it count. I try to tell other people to truly do that as well. So this song is about finding hope looking for hope. Looking at the stars is about looking up even when we don't feel like we can. Knowing no matter how chaotic life feels we aren't alone and were all connected. I just hope anyone struggling can find that hope when they hear my song. I hope people can believe in themselves a bit more and learn to lean into love in the world and not fear.

Noir Dream


Inspired by the summits, We had this song set for production but we kept hitting snags. By the time we made it to the table the song was too loaded down and felt forced. We started over with the bare bones and felt our way through it. We missed the deadline I had set but kept working on it. 

 Prompted by Laura and Luna both, feeling that we had a better song for the compilation we kept working to get this one right.  Discovering our purpose, came after I learned to heal from the trauma of my youth. Healing along the road of life is not always pretty. Sometimes we face a heavier load and I know at those times for me I have been supported by heavier music. 

Noir Dream founded Mad Hatter Music. The same day we orgnized as  a band ecognizing a call to raise our voice to lift others; knowing that we were not alone in this feeling, we started Mad Hatter Music.. Too build humanity, grow understanding and as the majority of people diagnosed with the condition Will suffers with end up being lost to suicide, it became our mission to save Will. His talent, his love for everyone and his heart needs to be heard. So many suffer in silence, alone and with out hope. What if we brought the artists and musicians who care about people together with tools to help people understand mental illness; the tools, to helping prevent suicide. 

"Life has Pain, you can carry it or Learn from it and let it go"

Billy Boy the Jamacian Cowboy

Change this world

Reggae mixed with country singer, BILLYBOY THE JAMAICAN COWBOY. A very unigue genre of music that not many other artistes take the risk to venture into. However, this Jamaican Cowboy is driven by the great love for his native cultural reggae music and also country music which is adopted from the choice of music that was played in the Christian house hold by family members around the immediate environment.He is the first artiste to take up such a genre as his primary choice of music.REGGAE MIXED WITH COUNTRY.

Billyboy The Jamaican Cowboy's birth name is Oniel Soriva Morris who was born April 26, 1980 to mother Ianthe Warmington and deceased father, Keith Morris and was brought up in a small rural community called Brown's Hall, St Catherine, Jamaica.

The ability to sing was just natural for young Oniel Morris as he caught on well while singing along with the many country songs that were a part of the musical entertainment into the house hold. The Gambers by Kenny Rogers was his most favorite song and is ofcorse an inspiration but there is something about Bob Marley that was there to stay in his heart. Point to note, back in those days for a Christian family in Jamaica, they will not play reggae but they will play country music around the clock.

Billyboy started karaoke singing in his late teenage years after moving from the country to the town and continued up to adults years. He was crowned "king of karaoke" after winning several karaoke competitions including at the Hilton Hotel ball room, 2002. Nevertheless, it was a hot karaoke competition at the Corlos Cafe that caused Billyboy to start recording with Champagne International Records 2007, after winning the karaoke competition. His first recording session took 7 hours in the studio with Danny Champagne who was very patient.

Billyboy after getting the experience, He decided to continue his music career on a higher level and continued push his way inspired by his own beliefs and dreams even when others did not have faith in what he was doing. His own friends laughed and said discouraging words while some have motivation but Billyboy had his own faith and courage which abled him to be going places with his unigue sound of music. Reggae Mixed With Country.

Billyboy The Jamaican Cowboy has achieved otherwise from music as he is also a trained Visual Art class room teacher from the Mico University, Jamaica. Inaddition, He has served the Jamaica Defence Force being a soldier for over 16 years. Billyboy's would like all people to know this. WHEN YOU HAVE A DREAM, NOT BECAUSE YOU DO NOT REACH AS YET MEANS THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO REACH. BE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION AND PUSH ON TO YOUR DREAMS.

Michelle Titian


Michelle Titian -  A natural talent with a powerful story, Michelle Titian is a world-class Canadian singer-songwriter who brings raw emotion and real substance to a yearning music industry. With poignant lyrics and emotive performances, Michelle’s upcoming recordings are a true testament to the strength that can manifest through vulnerability and the beautiful connections that can be built through an honest soul.

Working now with UK producers Steve Brown, Steve Lillywhite and many other altruistic music makers Michelle’s intrinsic musical talent allows her to effortlessly arrange melodies and harmonies that tap into human emotions and share artful lyrics that speak to the human soul. Her songs are an open and unashamed exposure of her battle with alcohol and depression, her journey to recovery and the love she feels for her life now.

By founding The Drive Foundation, a sanctuary for mental health and addiction sufferers and through life experience, incredible courage and raw talent, Michelle challenges the listener to believe in the person behind all the adversity and to tune into a world of fresh vocals and inspiring sounds. Creating from a place of self-awareness and pure consciousness, Michelle’s singer-songwriter status is deeply rooted in peace and authenticity, inspiring her audience to let go and simply be in the moment with themselves and with her music.


Future Human

Rimini has an intimate understanding of the industry both being an artist and being from a family of artists, writers and bass players. Rimini’s parents opened the first rock n roll school in London back in the 80’s, both often on tour with familiar faces at the dinner table including Neneh Cherry, Frank Gambale, Wreckless Eric and The BlockHeads. As a result she had witnessed first hand many of the highs and lows the industry has to offer before even reaching her teens. Naturally Rimini rebelled and became the first person in her family to get a 9-5. After a few years running sales teams for large marketing firms and becoming highly successful in her field Rimini reached burnout. Struggling with her health to the point her body was struggling to process oxygen due to a systemic issue, she realised had been suffering from anxiety and stress which was causing her ill-health. Taking some time out to pause it was clear she needed to create inner wellbeing to heal and she started on her wellness journey which included getting back to her roots, singing, writing and performing.

Moving to LA she witnessed many of the incredible aspects of the industry and also got to see the underbelly of the beast. Many of her DJ friends struggled with substance abuse, loneliness on their extensive world tours, poor diet, depression and burnout. This compelled Rimini to train up and become certified as a healer and coach so as to effect some change and take care of those providing us with nourishment in the form of music we love.

Mira Raven

You are the Star

I wrote this song in 2018, but I think the message is timeless. It's realizing the potential we have, and the expansiveness of that potential. The song uses the expansiveness of a star to riff on our collective and individual power. "You Are The Star" is the song that would play at the last leg of the hero's journey. It's that little voice of encouragement that reaches out it's hand to remind you you were meant for the journey and you will conqueror it for you are....after all... a star. I believe that when we live in this expansive place we can explore the vastness of our abilities and we stop worrying about what other's think of us or who's better, or smarter etc. From the place of vast love for our experience no matter what leg of the journey we're in, we can always rest in the truth of what we are as it relates to the cosmos.